Strategy Services

  • Strategic Planning: INSTEP staff routinely works with technology executives in a collaborative model to explore and define new strategic product and market opportunities.  This work often involves market and customer research to guide a company to fact-based decisions on:

    • product category,
    • target markets and associated pain points and value propositions,
    • whole product definitions and partners, competition,
    • direct and channel marketing strategies
    • and pricing strategies.
  • Strategic Plan Reviews: INSTEP staff routinely review and make recommendations on strategic plans in terms of your company’s:

    • product category and competition within the category,
    • target market attractiveness and penetration rates,
    • whole product offerings, partners, differentiation and emerging opportunities,
    • direct and channel marketing strategies effectiveness and opportunities for expansion,
    • pricing strategies.
  • Prioritization Management and “Zone to Win”:  Most technology companies reach a point where they face a crisis of prioritization. They face difficult questions regarding how to best invest capital and resources to maximize customer success and shareholder return over various time horizons. We leverage the “Zone to Win” model pioneered by Geoffrey Moore in guiding companies through a facilitated workshop model of managing their prioritization challenges. In several cases, we have partnered with Geoffrey Moore to deliver these services.

  • Competitive Analysis: INSTEP works with client management using a facilitated process to define and evaluate the competitive landscape for a product. The process begins with defining the key competitive factors to be evaluated and identifying the key competitors to be evaluated against the factors. In turn, each key competitor and the client product are evaluated against the factors and resulting insights are used to inform future product planning, new market expansion and strategic partnerships.

  • Market Analysis: INSTEP works with client executive management using a facilitated process to define, evaluate and select target markets using qualitative and quantitative techniques (size, accessibility, product fit, etc.).